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Summer 20 trends

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The distinction between human and machine is increasingly hard to discern. Everything merges into a symbiotic relationship. There is no longer a contrast between man and technology, instead they are united in a new concept: CO-NATURAL, together with the natural. A new design philosophy has grown from this awareness of being at the heart of a revolution that is technological, but above all conceptual. This is a philosophy that also applies to both materials and thus to aesthetics. Thinking CO-NATURAL means tackling important issues such as the sustainability of processes and the ethics of traceability. It means becoming aware of the complexity and mobility of the contemporary world. Colours are almost irrational. They are EMOTIONAL and go far beyond the boundaries of targets and seasons. They are guided by pure emotion, and act as a filter between the real and the simulated world to generate unusual harmonies.

Materials are seizing the superpowers offered by research to tell new, high-performance stories like never before.

Summer 20 trends