Disclaimer and legal terms

Disclaimer and legal terms

Lineapelle do not take any responsibility with regard to the content published on the website, including its potential use by third parties, and, as well, possible corruption arising from access, interconnection and download of material and software programs from the website. 

Therefore, Lineapelle cannot be held liable or, in any way, will not be accountable, in any capacity, for damages, losses or whichever inconvenience that third parties may possibly go through after visiting or using the above-mentioned website and relying on the information published on it, alongside the implemented software programs.   

The website material and information are subject to changes or updating without notice.

Lineapelle do not take any responsibility with regard to accuracy and completeness of the information provided, whose use is at risk of the user exclusively; Lineapelle simply supply users with such information.

However, Lineapelle do not grant any license on copyright, patents or any other intellectual property right. Ownership of files, images, characters, artwork, graphics, software and other website material contents, alongside codes and format scripts employed for the website implementation, belongs to our company; rightful owners exclusively are entitled to their use.

The whole content of the website is copyrighted material.

It shall therefore be prohibited to copy, modify, upload, download, broadcast, publish and supply, either individually or on behalf of third parties, for commercial purposes, unless given written authorization by Lineapelle.