During last January LINEAPELLE LONDON the "REAL LEATHER IS REAL SUSTAINABILITY" promotional campaign was launched, see below:


UNIC - CONCERIE ITALIANE launched its new three-year communications campaign promoting Italian leather excellence in all its aspects.

The basic message is as simple as it is incisive: REAL LEATHER IS REAL SUSTAINABILITY. And it is set out in a series of claims and visuals that have a specific and urgent objective: to communicate the many obvious sustainable advantages of Italian leather, while at the same time refuting the paradoxical accusations made against it by misleading campaigns, based on erroneous assumptions verging at times on the outlandish.

The new UNIC - CONCERIE ITALIANE campaign has been designed in collaboration with Spring Studios, the international agency.

It is aimed primarily at end consumers, so that they can appreciate the absolute value of a product of made in Italy excellence, whose identity is grounded in its unquestionable features of naturalness, durability and creativity, within the circular economy.

To achieve this goal, the REAL LEATHER IS REAL SUSTAINABILITY campaign will be aired worldwide on the web and on social networks, using traditional channels and through specific events. Particular attention will be dedicated to places and moments where media attention will enable it to obtain a greater audience for its messages.

The new UNIC campaign aims to raise awareness of leather and its qualities, especially among the younger generations, and to get across in how many ways it has always been a shining example of the circular economy. Leather, in fact, is a by-product of the food industry which would otherwise be subject to waste disposal techniques that have a great impact on the environment. Instead, the tanning industry retrieves it, ennobles it and transforms it into a precious, versatile material with multiple uses: fashion (leather goods, footwear, clothing), automotive, furniture and design.

Italian leather is produced by a sector, the tanning industry, consisting of 1,200 companies located mainly in 4 regions (Veneto, Tuscany, Campania and Lombardy) and employing in the region of 18,000 people.

Italian leather is world leader in value terms, dominating the European scene with a 62% share of production volumes (22% on a global scale) and is unique in the world for its recognized sustainable approach based on tangible values of transparency and strict compliance with the most stringent regulatory constraints in terms of safety, quality, responsibility towards consumers, traceability and animal welfare.

For all these reasons, the Italian leather promoted by UNIC - CONCERIE ITALIANE is proudly second to none and rejects the critical perceptions that surround leather, which are the result of disinformation, hypocrisy and media manipulation. These perceptions tend to minimize the concrete, proactive and rational green approach of an industrial sector that represents a real jewel in the crown of Italian production output.