Latest leather and textiles highlights

Trends Winter 19/20


Emerging with your own style means identifying your own complexity.
This translates into a polycentric world, where we see a desire for cleanliness and essentiality emerge. Here, materials are experienced in a simple but contemporary way, at the same time nourishing a regenerated opulence that reimagines decoration and superimpositions.

Colour is philosophy, recording the changes of personal time, emphasizing styles and telling stories that become ever more complex and rich with contradictions. Ranges of tones are experienced through combinations that change how we perceive them. These are unresolved colours, never univocal, that lend themselves to change by playing with different combinations. Light and trans-seasonal colours, like shafts of light, break up combinations, warm and enveloping atmospheres tell tales of an endless autumn.

Trends Winter 19/20